2024 Scam – Flirty Dates or Just Fakes?

Flirts com Scam : Our Results From The Paid & Free Versions

In the vast sea of online dating, emerges as a platform that promises to simplify the quest for love, fun, and casual encounters. But does it live up to its promises? This review aims to dissect the platform’s offerings, controversies, and overall value in the online dating landscape of 2024. is convenient and has a number of useful options. However, for those looking for dating without investment, the options seem limited. Communication is only available for a fee, so without a subscription it is unlikely that you will be able to establish contact with the person you are interested in.

For those who don’t mind investing in the search, seems like an attractive choice. Its price is more affordable compared to its analogues, which makes it attractive both in terms of availability and the breadth of choice of potential partners.

Although not a newcomer to the market, is gaining momentum in popularity. The reasons for this are numerous, ranging from marketing strategies to the increasing interest in online dating in the modern world.

Currently, the platform has more than a million registered users from 250 countries. The question is, can fill the existing gap in the market and satisfy users’ needs? In this article, we’ll break down everything from the features to the options the service provides, helping you decide if this dating app is worth it.

CriteriaRating (1 to 5 Stars)Comments
User Experience★★★★The interface is user-friendly, but the experience is marred by frequent encounters with bots and fake profiles.
Features & Functionality★★★★Offers a variety of features such as messaging, chat rooms, and Flirtcasts, though premium membership is required for full access.
User Base & Authenticity★★★★★Large user base, but significantly affected by fake profiles and scam activities.
Pricing & Value★★★★Competitive pricing for premium features, but the value is diminished by the quality of interactions and authenticity concerns.
Customer Support★★★★Support is available, but users report mixed experiences with responsiveness and effectiveness.
Safety & Security★★★★★Efforts are made to ensure user safety, but the prevalence of fake profiles raises concerns about overall security.
Overall Satisfaction★★★★ offers a potentially fun experience for casual dating, but its effectiveness is compromised by authenticity issues.

Signing Up and User Experience

Creating an account on is a straightforward affair. Prospective users are prompted to upload a profile photo and fill out basic details to kickstart their journey. The platform also boasts a mobile app, ensuring that your quest for connection is never hampered by location.

What’s the price tag hanging on Flirt.Com? Well, it’s not exactly wallet-breaking, nor is it bargain-basement. This matchmaking cyber spot doesn’t shower you with freebies. Still, there are a few perks you can enjoy on the house. Here’s the scoop on what you get without spending a dime:

  • Signing up and kicking off a new account;
  • Flinging cheeky winks;
  • Compiling a hotlist of favorites;
  • Sneaking a peek at profiles;
  • Playing around with search filters;
  • Testing the waters with “Like Gallery.”

Bet you’ve sussed it out—no free-for-all chit-chat here. So, if you’re looking to dial up the dialogue, you’ll need to bump up to premium status. Here’s what unlocking that level brings to the party:

  • Unlimited yakking;
  • Eyeballing full-sized photos;
  • Unlocking the “Looking For” section in profiles;
  • VIP customer care;
  • Swapping pics and videos. offers a variety of ways to connect and interact. Users can send messages, join chat rooms, and explore flirt offers. While free features are available, the full spectrum of’s capabilities is unlocked through a premium account.

Feature Comparison (Free vs. Premium)

FeatureFree AccessPremium Access
Profile ViewingBasicFull
Chat RoomsYesYes

The Truth About

Despite its allure, has been marred by allegations of being a scam site with numerous fake profiles and bots. Critics argue that it’s a complete scam, designed more to entice users into parting with their money than fostering genuine connections.

Pricing and Membership operates on a freemium model, offering a free membership tier alongside paid premium accounts. The flirt pricing strategy is designed to be competitive, yet questions linger about the value proposition given the concerns over authenticity. Pricing Structure

Membership TypeMembership LengthDaily PriceTotal Price
Premium1 Day$0.99$0.99
Premium1 Week$0.39$2.73
Premium1 Month$1.38$38.59
Premium3 Months$0.77$64.91 offers an extensive range of payment options for its premium memberships, encompassing:

  • Discover debit and credit cards
  • Visa debit and credit cards
  • Mastercard debit and credit cards
  • American Express debit and credit cards
  • Diners Club International charge cards

Comparing to Other Dating Sites

When stacked against other online dating sites and hookup sites,’s offerings seem par for the course. However, its reputation for fake profiles and scam tactics casts a shadow over its value compared to more reputable dating websites.

How to register for flirting?

To begin your adventure on, you first need to create your own account. Don’t put off this moment, because the registration process is not only free and simple, but will also take very little time. So here’s what you have to do:

  • First step: Check out the official page and check out what it has to offer. There are many interesting facts there, ranging from the quality of profiles to unique functions. You will immediately find a registration form.
  • Second step: Filling out the form will not take much time. You must indicate what you are looking for on the site. Then you have to enter basic information about yourself: age, zip code, email address and password. After this, the system will redirect you to the next step.
  • Third step: For full access to the site’s functions, photo verification is required. It is important that you provide your real photo, which will be verified by the administration. You will also need to verify your email address using a code that will be sent to you. These steps are critical to verifying your profile and subsequent communication with site members. vs. Other Dating Platforms

FeatureFlirt.comTinderAdult Dating Sites
User AuthenticityLowHighModerate

User Testimonials and Reviews

Diving into user testimonials and reviews, a mixed picture emerges. While some praise the platform’s user-friendly interface and fun features, many lament over encounters with scammers and the difficulty in finding genuine connections.

In conclusion, offers a mixed bag of experiences. While it may cater to those looking for casual dating experiences, the concerns over authenticity and value cannot be overlooked. For those seeking more meaningful connections, exploring other dating apps and free online dating options might prove more fruitful.


1. How do I create an account on, and is it free?

Creating an account on is straightforward and free. Visit the dating site, click the sign-up option, and provide the necessary details, such as your email address, a chosen password, and a profile photo. Remember, having a clear and appealing profile photo can significantly enhance your online dating experience. offers a free membership option, allowing you to explore the site and meet new people with limited access to features.

2. Is a scam site or a legitimate place for adult dating?

While there are concerns and mentions in some dating site reviews about being a scam site, it operates like many other online dating sites and hookup sites. However, users should exercise caution, as the platform has many fake profiles, especially of women and cam girls. The site has mechanisms to ensure user safety, but using common sense and reporting any suspicious activity to customer support is advisable.

3. Can I send messages for free on allows you to send messages under its free membership, but with limitations. Consider upgrading your membership to enjoy unlimited messaging and access to premium features like chat rooms and flirt offers. This is common among dating websites to encourage users to opt for paid subscriptions for a better dating experience.

4. How do I cancel my account on

If you decide that isn’t the right dating appcanceling your account is possible through the website’s settings. However, some users need help canceling their subscriptions. If you encounter difficulties, it’s recommended that you contact customer support directly for assistance. They can guide you through the process or cancel your account on your behalf.

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